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Killian Jones
Aliases Captain Hook
Genealogy Human
Occupation: Pirate Captain
Ship Lieutentant
Family Liam (Brother)
Milah (Lover)
Fairy Tale
Enchanted Forest

Killian Jones aka Captain Hook is a fairy tale character based on the character  of the same name from the Peter Pan stories.


Killian Jones travelled to Neverland with his brother Liam in search of a plant known as the Dreamshade, which was rumored to have healing properties.  Here they meet a young boy by the name of Peter Pan who explains that the plant is deadly.  Liam not believing this cuts himself with the thorn of the plant exposing him to the deadly poison.   Peter Pan shows Killian Jones how to heal him but only after warning that Neverland has a price for it's magic.  Liam dies as their ship exits Neverland thus prompting Killian to take it over as Captian, renaming it the JOLLY ROGER.

During his time as a pirate Killian comes across a woman by the name of Milah and entertains her with the stories of his travels.  After meeting her husband and her son, Killian and his crew "kidnap" Milah and leave town.  It is later reveiled that she actually chose to go with him but this decision later costs Milah her life.


Several years after Milah joins his crew Killian once again runs into her husband, who he  mistakes for a lonely beggar and calls him a "Crocodile".   Long story short the two duel over her and eventually Rumplestiltskin wins, he is only stopped from killing Killian because Milah shows up offering him a better deal.   But instead of going through with the deal she turns on him, claiming never to have loved him, forcing Rumplestiltskin to remove her heart and crush it.   Afterwards Rumplestiltskin cuts off Killian's left hand, the hand that held what he had come for, before disappearing before Killian can use a hook to dagger him.

Replacing his hand with the silver hook he picked up to dagger Rumplestitskin, Killian throws the bean and hand into the ocean creating a portal to Neverland.    There he officiall becomes Captain Hook.


  • Hook is one of very few Enchanted Forest characters to have a known surname.
  • Has a tattoo with Milah's name on his right wrist.