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Celestial Bronze is a powerful metal wielded by the gods and their demigod children.

Celestial bronze is mined by the Cyclopes from Mount Olympus. They shape the ore by tempering the metal in Mount Etna and cooling it in the River Lethe. The metal is deadly to creatures of the magical world. Unlike lesser mortals, demigods are also affected by it because of their blood. Artifacts of celestial bronze are known to emit a faint bronze glow. It disperses monsters into dust once a sword or weapon made up of Celestial bronze passes through them.

Celestial Bronze is one of three magical ores, the other two being Imperial Gold and Stygian Iron.  Except for Stygian Iron, Celestial Bronze and Imperial Gold are the only metals which turn monsters into dust.

While Celestial Bronze is normally mined from Olympus, if Hephaestus is upset with his work, he throws pieces of Celestial Bronze into the mortal world.